GE Modernizes the Microwave/Wall Oven Combination with its Popular Advantium® Wall Oven

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It’s not a standard wall oven. It’s more than a microwave. The latest

microwave/wall oven combo is now available with GE’s most advanced

cooking technology–the Advantium® speedcooking oven–the ultimate kitchen

multitasker. It’s like having four ovens in one: Speedcook, true

European convection, microwave and warming/proofing. Upgrading the

microwave portion of the combo to the Advantium wall oven, GE is giving

these appliance owners a plethora of cooking choices.

According to the American Institute of Architects, more activities are

taking place in kitchens. While kitchens haven’t significantly increased

in size, they are including more technology. On top of the increasing

use of technology, more people are remodeling their kitchens. 1 GE’s

new Advantium/wall oven footprint and connections match those kitchens

that already have the built-in microwave/wall oven set and could prove a

space-saver for other consumers looking to remodel the kitchen without

adding additional floor space.

“By purchasing an appliance that already fits the cut-out of current

kitchen cabinets, homeowners don’t have to totally reconfigure the

kitchen layout which will save them money on the cost of a remodel,”

said Paul Bristow, product manager for Built-in Cooking at GE

Appliances. “With the built-in Advantium/wall oven combo, consumers can

get all the latest features GE has to offer and a product that doesn’t

cause installation stress.”

The Advantium component of the wall oven combo features technology that

harnesses the power of light, cooking the outside of the food like a

conventional oven with radiant heat produced by halogen bulbs above and

below the food. This halogen-produced heat receives a boost of microwave

energy. The result is it browns food and cooks evenly and quickly–two to

eight times faster than a conventional oven–while retaining food’s

natural moisture.

Other combination wall oven configurations

“The unique design looks like double wall ovens, but in fact we’ve given

consumers multiple options for the upper portion of the appliance

–Advantium or microwave,” said Bristow. To dovetail its wall oven launch

last year, GE is also offering the combination unit in other variations,


27″ and 30″ microwave/thermal-oven combo in GE’s brand with an MSRP of


Convection microwave/convection-oven combo in 30″ Profile(TM) with an

MSRP of $3,499.

Only the Profile and Café(TM) models feature the option of an

Advantium/convection-oven combo with an MSRP of $3,999.

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1 American Institute of Architects,


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