Basics Of Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens or microwaves are kitchen appliances that using the technique of dielectric heating for cooking or heating food. Most microwaves of today have features like grill and convection system, toaster slots, defrosting facility, steam-cleaning features, child safety lock, power-saving features and the like.

Advantages Of Microwave Ovens

These days, microwaves are becoming an important part of every kitchen. It has started replacing many other appliances due to its versatility. Microwave has its own merits that make them the most preferred choice. These features are:

o They help to retain the flavor and taste of the food cooked.

o They are quite cost efficient and safe to use.

o Microwave ovens do not require being pre-heated unlike the traditional ovens and can be used for cooking without any delay once switched on.

o Cooking in microwaves avoid the heating up of the surroundings as with gas stoves which makes the kitchen area hot.

o Microwave cooking helps to overcome the odors produced while cooking.

o The stains caused by food spills on the kitchen table and walls are prevented when using microwave ovens for cooking.

o Microwaves do not need to be washed regularly as gas stoves. They can be just wiped with a damp cloth to remove dirt and food particles.

o Cooking food is faster and requires less effort especially if using dual ovens which have the features of a conventional and microwave oven.

Disadvantages Of Microwave Ovens

Like with any other kitchen appliance, microwaves too have some demerits. However, the merits definitely outweigh the demerits.

o There are chances of the food getting over cooked or unevenly cooked.

o All types of utensils cannot be used for cooking in microwave ovens. Microwave-safe containers and vessels should be used for cooking.

o Certain kind of food cannot be used for cooking in a microwave oven.

o Since microwaves heat things quickly, it is not safe to heat liquids as they can be superheated leading to explosions.

o There is a high risk of steam blasts in the microwaves which is caused due to tight covering of containers.

Tips For A Safe Microwave Cooking

Following some tips that ensure safe cooking with the microwave ovens:

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Microwave ovens are durable kitchen appliances that serve as a fast and healthy mode of cooking. There are several microwave oven uses that make it an indispensable proposition for food enthusiasts.


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